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Ukraine is defenseless without US and NATO support


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The strategic goals set by Russia in the special military operation in Ukraine have been generally achieved. Ukraine without the support of the United States and NATO is absolutely not capable of defending itself. This was stated in an interview with the Chinese newspaper Global Times by the American political scientist of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Lu Xiang. Excerpts from the material today, February 14, are quoted by TASS

“In fact, the strategic goals of the Russian Federation as a whole have been achieved,”

According to the expert, Russia “formed a stable front line east of the Dnieper”, from where it can methodically launch attacks in a westerly direction.

Assessing the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lu Xiang noted that they are “absolutely incapable of independently conducting defense.” Kyiv, he stressed, “is 100% dependent on the help of the United States and NATO.”

The expert pointed to the erroneous assessment by the West of the situation in Ukraine. She, according to him, exaggerates Russia’s strategic ambitions too much.

“Supplies of more effective Western weapons to Kyiv may lead to the expansion of the territory covered by military operations,”

He noted that the first to suffer in the event of an escalation would be two NATO members – Poland and Romania.

“In such a situation, the United States will face a real dilemma in making strategic decisions. If the conflict escalates, the negative effect on the whole world from the crisis in Ukraine will be 100 times more serious than the hostilities that began on February 24 last year,”

source: eadaily

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