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Russia extends Voronezh military training ground


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Russia is expanding a military camp near Voronezh, where it stockpiled personnel and equipment in February 2022 ahead of its invasion of Ukraine.

As follows from satellite images of the Planet.com service, the new tent camp near the Pogonovo training ground was built no earlier than January 25, 2023. The construction process of the camp can be seen in the pictures taken on January 30, as well as on February 1 and 7. Twitter user @The_Lookout_N was the first to notice the new campground 

The Russian army was actively deploying equipment and personnel to this training ground on the eve of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine a year ago. In particular, units of the 1st Guards Tank Army were based here – later, according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine with reference to documents found after the retreat of Russian troops from Kiev, units of this army lost dead and wounded in less than a month of the war more than 400 soldiers and officers, as well as more than 300 pieces of equipment.

Radio Liberty also found out that in recent weeks, the Russian military has built another tent camp in the area of ​​​​the “Inns” training ground, near the village of the same name in the Kursk region (exact coordinates ). According to Planet.com satellite imagery, the camp was built between January 28 and February 7.

It was from this camp that the mobilized survivors of the Ukrainian attack on vocational school No. 19 in Makeevka on New Year’s Eve recently recorded a video message to the Russian authorities. In the video, they ask not to disband their unit (1444 regiment) and say that after the Ukrainian strike, they could not be taken out of Makiivka to a safe place for a long time. “We keep moving in strange directions with no mission,” one of the soldiers in the video says. According to him, in the end they were brought to a tent camp in Postoyany Dvory, where “no one was waiting for them.”

Source: svoboda

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