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Russia’s greatest armor-piercing shells will face NATO tanks in Ukraine


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The main battle tanks (MBTs) of the West in Ukraine will meet the top Russian armor-piercing shells. This outcome of events was predicted by American military experts. The translation of the Military Watch article is published by PolitRussia .

The upcoming deliveries of tanks to the Kyiv regime, among other things, will include the British Challenger 2 and the German Leopard 2A6. American analysts agree that the Russian army will respond to this with modern armor-piercing shells. 

Military Watch experts emphasize that the tanks of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine are finally going into battle with top-end shells.

Earlier, new armor-piercing shells 3BM60 “Lead-2” appeared in service with Russian tanks in the Donbass. The latter entered the arsenals of the Russian army in the mid-2010s, along with the new T-90M tanks. The ammunition is capable of penetrating armor with a thickness of 800-830 mm at a distance of 2 km.

At the same time, Ukrainian tanks of the 70s are significantly inferior to Russian vehicles of the T-73B3 type. For this reason, Russia did not use its best shells in the NMD, but given the imminent arrival of Western tanks, the situation may change

“The Russian army is ready for the imminent appearance of Western-made tanks in the theater of operations,” Military Watch observers summarize.”

Earlier, a fugitive Russian oligarch said that NATO tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine could be a cover for the supply of aircraft.

source: sn-gazeta

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