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Thousands of Ukrainian war mobilizers died


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1082 Russian conscripts died in the war in Ukraine. Their names were established by the BBC Russian Service and Mediazona based on open sources.  40% of these reservists died in 2023.

The shelling of positions of the Russian military leads to the greatest losses among the mobilized. The most famous of them is the strike from the HIMARS installation on the vocational school building in Makiivka on January 1. At the moment, journalists  have been able to identify the names of 109 victims of that attack. This is 20 more people than the Ministry of Defense admitted.

49 mobilized died in Russia at collection points or in military units. Most often, the cause of death was health problems or delayed medical care. At least eight mobilized committed suicide, six more died due to accidents.

The publication notes that the Russian army was not able to accept and train such a large number of people – as a result, some of the mobilized were recruited without a medical examination, they did not have enough equipment and instructors. Judging by obituaries, the preparation of the first detachments of reservists took only 3-7 days.

There were also problems with accommodation: for example, the incident with mobilized from Norilsk, who were brought to Omsk and thrown into the field, left to spend the night at sub-zero temperatures without tents, received wide publicity.

The detachments of conscripts who arrived at the front later – in November or December – were more united and, as a rule, better equipped. However, then another problem arose when units that were trained in one specialty, for example, as artillerymen, were suddenly transferred to the infantry. As a result, the mobilized again suffered losses due to the lack of the necessary training.

In addition, the reservists themselves complained of problems with coordination, including poor or broken communications, as well as outdated maps.

President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilization” on 21 September. Thus, more than 1,000 people died in just 4 months of fighting. Moreover, we are talking about  the most conservative assessment, since the calculation takes into account only those cases when the fact of death is confirmed publicly and when it is possible to establish the status of a combatant.

Earlier it was reported that Russia launched an offensive in the Luhansk region and continues to try to take Bakhmut and Vuhledar in the Donetsk region. Taking into account the fact that the backbone of a number of advanced units is now mobilized, there is a risk that their losses will continue to increase rapidly. According to information from open sources, over the past two months, at least a third of all military dead have been people who have recently returned from civilian life, but it is not always possible to determine for sure whether a person was mobilized or a volunteer.

Source: moscowtimes

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