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AKSUNGUR UAV Passengers to Kyrgyzstan and Angola


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TUSAŞ UAV Systems Deputy General Manager Ömer Yıldız announced that 1 AKSUNGUR UAV can be produced per month. Unmanned aerial vehicles undertook important tasks in the disaster area with the instant data they presented to the crisis desk. In addition to the crisis desk, it is accepted that they have a significant contribution to the risk management, which consists of the work to be done to minimize the loss of life and property in an earthquake.

In disaster areas, time pressure and an urgent need for information at the time of or after the disaster, the collection of maximum information and instant communication are a great need for the moment and after the disaster. The base station, which was developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and integrated into AKSUNGUR, which has an airtime of 60 hours, contributed greatly to meeting this need.

Ahmet Türkeş and Serdar Ekeyılmaz from the CNN TÜRK team made an interview with Ömer Yıldız, Deputy General Manager of UAV Systems at TAI facilities. Ömer Yıldız talked about AKSUNGUR’s production capacity as well as its duties in the disaster area. Stating that 8 AKSUNGURs have been produced so far, Yıldız stated that 6 of them (9-14) are on the production line. In this context, Yıldız stated that the production of AKSUNGUR UAV has gained momentum. He shared that while 3 AKSUNGUR UAV was produced in 1 months, they increased their production capability to 1 production per month.

Yıldız also touched upon the export issue, and the AKSUNGUR UAV, which was developed in a short period of 18 months based on the ANKA platform and has the capacity to perform uninterrupted multi-role intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and attack missions with its high payload capacity, has been exported to Kyrgyzstan and Angola, and the deliveries have not yet been made. He also stated that it was not done.

Source: raillynews

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