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WCC Welcomes Presidium of The Synod from Church of Sweden for Study Visit


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The World Council of Churches (WCC) and Ecumenical Institute in Bossey welcomed the Presidium of the Synod from Church of Sweden for a study visit on 20-21 March.

The delegation from the Church of Sweden received an introduction to the key purpose and work of the WCC, particularly its role in supporting churches in the public space. 

After meeting with WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay and other WCC leaders, the Church of Sweden delegation discussed the fruits of learning from the WCC 11th Assembly.

The group also discussed the governance of the WCC and its programmatic work, then received an update on WCC finances as well as the Green Village development project.

The purpose of the Presidium of the Synod from Church of Sweden’s study visit was to get to know global ecumenical organizations—their vitality and history, as well as their importance for processes in local churches and societies all over the world.

Discussions also centered around how the Church of Sweden can contribute in a constructive way to the development of the ecumenical platforms for the future. 

The visit also offered dialogue to help explore more thoroughly the relevance of theological education in a global context, with a fine focus on “The Church in the Public Space,” inspired by the Lutheran World Federation’s study document of the same name.

A specific purpose of the Presidium’s study visit to Geneva and Bossey was to gain knowledge and inspiration for the work of planning the thematic Synod 2024.

The Church of Sweden delegation included Karin Perers, president of the Synod; Levi Bergström, first vice president of the Synod (online); Carina Etander Rimborg, second vice president of the Synod; and Maria Lundqvist Norling, secretary of the Synod.  The delegation was accompanied by a staff group.

The study visit included also meetings with the Lutheran World Federation, ACT Alliance and the Church of Sweden Switzerland. 

Source: World Council of Churches

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