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Aroostook County Farm Wins North American Seed Supplier of the Year for 2022


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Daniel Corey Farms is an early generational seed supplier in Aroostook County. They also have a tissue cultural lab and farm in Island Falls.

The farm produces 86 different varieties of seed potatoes which they supply both across North America and even internationally.

The farm recently won an award for the North American Seed Supplier of the Year for 2022, something that came as a surprise.

“Very surprised and quite honored to win this award. We definitely weren’t expecting it as we are very new grower for Frito Lay, so it was very humbling. We were sitting there for the award ceremony and they started describing our farm starting out in 1986, my father starting it. His first year of growing seed potatoes in ‘91, and he looks over at me and goes, ‘no kidding, there is no way we won.’ And then they called our name and we went up,” said Benjamin Corey, Daniel Corey Farms.

Corey says what makes the farm special is the process.

“It’s through the process that we have of starting out our product at our tissue cultural lab in Island Falls. And through a five year journey of repropagating, that we get to control our product all the way to the consumer. Which we can ensure the highest quality of potatoes all the way to the end,” Corey said.

There is a lot of work that goes into winning such a prestigious award.

“This couldn’t be without our team here. Between our tissue cultural lab in Island Falls and our farm down there. And our farm up here in Monticello, with our office staff keeping everything straight. Our state seed inspector Kristy Bradbury, and our logistics department out at Fredericks Transport. It wouldn’t be possible,” Corey said.

Corey adds receiving this award helps the farm grow by opening up doors for new marketing opportunities and increasing business internationally. The farm plans to continue to grow and build for the future for many more years to come.

Source : WABI

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