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DC Comics Thinks That Oslo is in Sweden


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Malachi Van points out to Bleeding Cool something from Batman Incorporated #3 by Ed Brisson and John Timm, edited by Ben Abernathy and published by DC Comics in December. A comic book about the actions of Batman-inspired individuals working around the world, under the close mentorship of Ghost-Maker. And naturally, with all the international locations, there is a keen eye for getting all the details right. Such as this beautiful building in Oslo, Sweden, and translated from the Swedish.

You can see where this is going, right? Oslo isn’t in Sweden. It’s the capital city of neighbouring Norway. Where they speak Norweigan. Was this meant to be in Stockholm? And frankly, the architecture looks more like Stockholm than Oslo. And yes, I am reminded of when Brian Bendis thought Cambridge was in London…

A propos of nothing, the last time I went to both Norway and Sweden, it was a holiday paid for by selling the few of the remaining copies of the pulped comic Elseworlds Eighty Page Giant, pulled by DC Comics in 1999 but with a few copies escaping to the UK before they could be stopped. When I discovered this, I decided to buy forty copies from Forbidden Planet and sell them on the still-nascent internet to Americans – including a number of employees of DC Comics. I gave one to Kyle Baker, who wrote and drew the offending comic with Superbaby being put into a microwave a copy, for free – and then he sold looks at the comic at comic conventions for a buck a piece. And that’s how the world works. If you are in Oslo, Sweden, of course.

Source : Bleeding Cool

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