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Nordic Skiers Are Not Ready to Put the Skis Away for the Season


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FORT KENT, Maine (WAGM) – The snow is almost gone and most people are transitioning into spring activities, but for some nordic skiers, there is still enough snow to enjoy a spring day while working out with friends.

Carl Theriault: ”There’s some people who just don’t want to let go. It’s just such a nice time of year to be out and ski. It feels so good. The air is so fresh. You don’t have to bundle up against the cold. You got the sunshine, and it is great combination.”

(Rowan Tanguay):” It’s so fun, you can just dress in warm clothes and do your favorite sport. So happy. The trails are so good and it’s hot and warm. It’s so fun to ski with friends on really nice trails. It’s cool because nobody else has these trails right now.”

(Alden Reardon):” So excited to go skiing and it’s not the end of the season yet. It’s really nice and not having to wait around the snow to melt?”

Carl Theriault and others from the Fort Kent Outdoor Center are not ready to let winter go just yet. Theriault got up early and groomed some of the trails through the woods that still have snow on them.

Theriault:” We have plenty of snow still. It’s difficult grooming this time of year. You have to wait for it to freeze otherwise it’s too soft. This morning was perfect for grooming. We set a nice track and it is gorgeous for skiing right now.”

Rowan Tanguay and Alden Reardon were part of a group of skiers taking advantage of the conditions today. Tanguay says that skiing her favorite sport and being able to get be out with others who also enjoy the sport makes for a fun day.

Tanguay:” We have a bunch of people from the Jalbert House who are staying and some people from the nordic ski team.”

The Outdoor Center is normally one of the first places in the County with enough snow to ski in the late fall and is now one of the last places in the County with enough skiable snow for people to enjoy. Theriault says the hope is that people can enjoy the trails a little while longer.

Theriault:” Some years we make it to Mothers’ Day. I don’t know if we will make it this year, we might. This was a good snow year for us. It is very possible that we will. What we’ve been doing is trying to groom for the weekend so that people have time off and they can get out and ski. That is what we will do this weekend.”

While many people are now getting out golf club, bicycles or canoes and kayaks Reardon hopes he can stay on skis for a while longer

Reardon:” Awhile, a couple more weeks”.

Source : WAGM

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