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Sweden to Streamline Work Permit Process for Highly Qualified Workers


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The Swedish authorities have said that highly qualified workers will be able to go to Sweden more quickly as the country is planning to streamline work permit processes.

Announcing the news, the Swedish Migration Agency said that it has decided to introduce a new model for handling work permit cases as well as to establish international recruitment units, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

According to the Agency, the new model is aimed at promoting recruitment of highly skilled workers from outside the European Union and to shorten the processing time for obtaining the needed permit.

Commenting on the move, Director-General of the Swedish Migration Agency, Mikael Ribbenvik, said that such a change is needed in order to increase investment as well as attract more highly skilled workers to Sweden.

“A well-functioning process for labour immigration is important for companies to be able to recruit, grow and invest in Sweden,” the statement of Ribbenvik reads.

Ribbenvik further explained that the Agency would make investments as needed. The same stressed that the Agency will also have service teams supporting companies as well as employers to make the recruitment of highly qualified workers as smooth as possible.

“We will make communication investments as needed, and service teams will support companies and employers in, the recruitment of highly qualified workers and major new establishments, among other things,” Ribbenvik stated.

As soon as the new model is implemented, a decision on an application for a work permit for highly qualified workers will be given within 30 days. This means that the processing time will get significantly reduced and non-EU highly skilled workers will be able to enter Sweden for work purposes more quickly.

In addition, under the new model, the work permit application will be divided into four categories, based on industry and occupation.

The four categories will be as follows:

  • Category A, which covers work permit applications for highly qualified workers
  • Category B, which covers work permit applications for occupations with specific rules, such as seasonal occupations
  • Category C, which covers work permit applications for occupations that do not require a higher level of academic qualification
  • Category D, which covers work permit applications for employment in industries defined as demanding by the Swedish Migration Agency

This means that the new model will be mainly focused on allowing employers to bring workers to Sweden without having to undergo strict rules.

“The new model means a greater focus on the employer’s ability to bring highly qualified workers to Sweden. New international recruitment units will exclusively handle and provide service to the employers who recruit this group,” Ribbenvik stressed.

A working group is already being created and the new model is planned to be introduced at the end of this year.

Sweden is consistently trying to make changes to attract more workers to the country. Just recently, the authorities said that Sweden will simplify the rules for obtaining an EU Blue Card from November of this year.

Source: Schegen Visa

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