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FIFA to Test Modified Offside Rule in Italy, Sweden, and Netherlands


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FIFA are reportedly looking to reform the offside rule for football, with initial trials for the modified offside rule set to take place in three European countries, reported The Mirror.

Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal coach and the head of Football Development at FIFA, is one of the initiators of the new modification to the offside rule.

According to the new rule, a player will no longer be offside until his entire body is closer to the opponent’s goal than the last defender, and not just his goal-scoring body parts.

To put it simply, a player whose head, leg, or any other goal-scoring part of the body is found in the offside position would no longer be considered offside. Instead, his whole body would have to be in the offside position in order for it to be counted.

The new offside rule is set to be tested first in leagues in Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. 

FIFA is hopeful that the new adjustment should provide more excitement, and make the game more dynamic and spectacular.

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