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Multiculturalism Left Our Country Weakened: Sweden Democrats Leader


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Multiculturalism has led to an increase in crime, division and weakened solidarity in Sweden, Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, the second force in parliament, wrote in his op-ed for the Expressen newspaper. According to the politician, it will take years to reverse all the negative trends.

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Akesson explained that Swedes can no longer enjoy their reputation as a “small, peaceful country in the north.” The public lacks a sense of community, and Sweden’s image as a country with an innovative and competitive economy driven by entrepreneurship, research and development is under threat, he assessed.

“We have gone from being one of the most culturally homogeneous societies in the world to being… the country in Europe where tensions and polarization are highest today,” he pointed out.

The politician emphasized that “the politicians’ dream of a multicultural state was a priority, and today it has become a people’s nightmare.”

“Hardly a day goes by that we don’t read in the media about a new shooting, another murder or an explosion. Violence and drugs are also affecting the youngest citizens,” Akesson wrote.

“Ruling politicians, without thinking about the consequences, have pushed people from all corners of the world into Swedish suburbs, which are characterized by segregation, exclusion and unemployment,” he noted.

Reversing negative trends may take years

According to Akesson, politicians have promoted multiculturalism as diversity in music or cuisine, avoiding talking about the negative sides of mass migration. This violated democratic principles and worked against the welfare of voters, the politician pointed out.

The blame, of course, lies with politicians who praised multiculturalism and denied the development of the society we warned against for so long,” he assessed, explaining that “now, with a knife at their throats, other parties have been forced to change their immigration policies.”

According to Akesson, reversing all the negative trends will take years and require decisive actions, including the introduction of an annual limit on immigrant admissions and requirements for those who want to settle.

“Sweden must end the multicultural experiment,” he appealed.

Tightening the immigration policy

The Sweden Democrats are the second force in parliament after the 2022 general election. They secure a majority for Ulf Kristersson’s minority government.

One of the goals of Sweden’s ruling coalition is the tightening of immigration policy. However, It does not apply to war refugees from Ukraine.

Source: TVP World

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