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Fon Wins First Onshore Wind O&M Jobs in Sweden


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Fon Energy Services has secured its first agreement to provide operational service and maintenance support on three undisclosed onshore wind farms located in central Sweden.

The wind O&M specialist has also opened up its first office and a workshop in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. 

The workshop and the experienced WTG team enables Fon Energy Services to provide a variety of services among others service and maintenance of Hailo and Avanti lift systems, and includes special tools for general overhaul of tractel hoist motors. 

Steven King, head of onshore wind at Fon Energy Services, said: “Entering Sweden is in line with our strategy as it is both an offshore wind and onshore wind market.

“We have the expertise and capabilities to support both segments.

“Further, we believe there is an opening in Sweden for a truly industrial O&M player that has the scale and capability to deliver a broad range of services.”

Fon Energy Services was established in 2022, backed by Oslo-listed industrial investment company Akastor, which has the Aker group as its largest shareholder, and Norwegian industrial group IKM.

The company has an ambition of industrialising and digitising the O&M segment of the wind industry in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost of operations.

Fon Energy Services Torben Hald said: “The O&M segment within onshore and offshore wind accounts for a significant part of the cost throughout the project lifecycle, yet it is probably the least industrialised part of the value chain.

“That is something we are aiming to change, and we hope to collaborate with Swedish consortiums and developers during both the development and operations phases to realise such cost and efficiency gains.”

Fon Energy Services is headquartered in Norway, with operations in both Norway and Sweden.

Source : Renews

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