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Aecom to Lead Infrastructure Design on Key Section of Sweden’s New 270km High-Speed Rail Line


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Aecom has been appointed to design infrastructure for a 30km section of Sweden’s new 270km North Bothnia high-speed rail line.

The North Bothnia line is being promoted by Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket, and will run along Sweden’s east coast from Luleå in the north to Umeå in the south. The project is a continuation of the Bothnia line, which opened in 2010, and is estimated to cost SEK40bn (£2.9bn) in 2021 prices.

Construction of the North Bothnia line will include 550km of roads (both public and service roads) and approximately 250 bridges. There will be travel new centres in Skellefteå, Piteå and Luleå, and regional train stations in Sävar, Robertsfors, Bureå and Byske.

Aecom is working on the 30km section between Gryssjön and Robertsfors. This will involve detailed design of 21 bridges, three sidings, around 45km of roads and a floodlit cross-country skiing track.

There are four design packages for this section and Aecom has already delivered the first, which includes two of the bridges, a 300m railway in-cutting and associated roads.

Across the entirety of the four packages, Aecom will design infrastructure across farmland, rivers and bogs. It will also be designing the groundworks and infrastructure for the construction of track and overhead lines.

Aecom was appointed by Trafikverket and the contract is expected to last 26 months.

The overall North Bothnia line is divided into three sections. Construction commenced on the 12km section between Umeå and Dåva in 2018. This part includes a tunnel through Ersmarksberget mountain. The target is for the route to open to freight in 2024.

The 127km Dåva to Skellefteå section – which includes Aecom’s part – is in the final stages of planning. Trafikverket aims to start with prepatory works such as forest felling before the end of the year. This is planned to open in 2030.

The final 131km section between Skellefteå and Luleå is currently in the planning stage.

Commenting on the contract appointment, Aecom Sweden director Mark Miyoaka said: “This is a complex stretch of rail line with several technically challenging sections. Efficient design and sustainability are key focus areas throughout the design process to ensure that we not only help the construction timetable stay on track but also minimize emissions linked to the construction and life-cycle of the railway and associated infrastructure.

“Aecom and Trafikverket are adopting a collaborative approach to the project enhancing communication and reducing project risks. Our Stockholm office is closely working with our global team of technical experts to ensure that communities along the route gain reliable, resilient rail infrastructure.”

Source : Newcivilengineer

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