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Teenager Saves Dad by Punching Bear in the Face


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A teenager saved his dad’s life by punching a bear in the face in Sweden.

The pair were reportedly pursuing a 22-stone female bear in Ljusdal, 180 miles north of Stockholm when it suddenly turned around and pinned the father.

But the son managed to hit the bear in the head as it lacerated his father’s face, said Jonny Sjoblom who is leading a local cull of the bear population.

Although the bear turned and bit the young man on the wrist, his father was able to shoot it dead.

Both the father and son, who have not been named, were taken to hospital after the incident on Monday.

The father’s injuries are said to be serious but not life-threatening and the son is being treated for a broken wrist.

Mr Sjoblom told TT Agency: “The bear probably switched victims so that the father had time to fire a shot at the bear.

“It’s damn unusual for something like this to happen – but here something has gone wrong.”

The hunt leader also said the injured man is an experienced bear hunter in his forties.

He was talkative on Tuesday and he called the hunting team from the helicopter that was taking him to hospital to ensure the bear’s hide was taken care of, The Telegraph reported.

Mr Sjoblom added: “He’s a tough guy, he’s mentally tough and will handle this well. I think more about his son’s well-being.”

Benny Gafvert, from the World Wildlife Fund, said the bear was relatively small compared to others killed in the cull.

He told a local broadcaster: “It wasn’t a giant bear, but if you compare it to a dog, for example, it was significantly bigger, stronger and with more power in its jaws.”

This year authorities have licensed hunters to kill up to 649 bears. This is the largest cull in decades.

Source : Independent

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