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How to Return to Sweden If You’re in Israel or Palestine


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The Swedish foreign ministry estimate that there are around 4,000 people with links to Sweden in Israel, and around 800 in Palestinian areas affected by the conflict. What can they do to evacuate the region?

The foreign ministry has advised Swedes in Israel and Palestine to sign up for the Swedish list, if they haven’t already done so. They will then be contacted with more information about an evacuation.

The Swedish list is a list where Swedes travelling abroad can notify the foreign ministry of their travel plans, and it can also be used by Swedes already in Israel or Palestine.

It’s not clear whether the Swedish list is open to Swedish citizens only, or if people with residence permits or work permits in Sweden who are currently in Israel or Palestine are also able to use the service, but it appears from the website that anyone with a personal number in Sweden can sign up.

Foreign ministry press spokesperson Helena Zimmerdahl-Torgerson confirmed to The Local that evacuation will be available for Swedish citizens, as well as non-Swedes living in Sweden with valid residency permits or right of residence in Sweden. Both groups will need to show valid travel documents.

Contact the Swedish Embassy for assistance

Swedes in the area can contact the Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv at all hours using the special crisis number: +46 8 405 19 00.

The Swedish Embassy’s website also lists updated information on border crossings in and out of Israel. Below is the embassy’s most recent information on border crossings as of 11am on October 11th, although it is a good idea to check the website directly for the most up-to-date information.

Rabin Crossing: Open 8am-8pm. Authorities recommend that you arrive at least an hour before the crossing closes
Taba/Begin Crossing: Open 8am-8pm
Jordan River Crossing/Beit Shean: Open 08.30am-4.30pm
Allenby Crossing: Open, limited capacity
The Jericho Crossing: The army recommends not to use this crossing
Rachel Crossing/300/Bethlehem: Closed

The Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv also lists details of an evacuation ferry to Cyprus, with departure October 12th at 3pm, although note that tickets must be booked by 6pm local time on October 11th.

The ferry will depart from Haifa, arriving in Larnaca in Cyprus at 1pm on Friday October 13th.

If you want to book a ticket or want more details, contact:

Mano Maritime, Haifa

Viola Osipov

Tel: + 972 (0) 54-3918557

E-mail: 2404@mano.co.il

Travellers must be at Haifa harbour at 12 noon on October 12th at the latest, and will need passports with at least 3 months validity from date of travel, as well as travel insurance.

Keep up to date on evacuation plans

On October 11th, the Swedish foreign ministry announced plans to evacuate Swedish citizens and non-Swedes resident in Sweden who are located in the affected area.

Evacuation flights will leave from Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, with no details yet on when they will depart.

The number who can be evacuated also depends on how much interest there is from people in the area, who are encouraged to sign up for the Swedish list, after which they will be contacted accordingly.

Evacuees will need to make their own way to the airport.

Source : The Local

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