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Sweden Wants to See Free, Fair and Inclusive Election in Bangladesh: State Secretary Tells Prime Minister


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Swedish State Secretary for International Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diana Janse, today said her country wants to see free, fair and inclusive elections in Bangladesh.

She said this while making a call to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

PM’s Press Secretary Ihsanul Karim briefed reporters after the meeting.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in response, told the Swedish state secretary that her government is committed to holding free and fair elections.

The PM reiterated her call for an end to the Russia-Ukraine war immediately and suggested money can be channelled to the welfare of mankind across the globe.

“Sanctions should not be imposed on the transportation of food items,” she said.

She mentioned that due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the entire world is under tremendous pressure of inflation, which has also spiked the cost of transportation.

PM Hasina also said that currently, Bangladesh has no food crisis as agricultural scientists of the country have done a tremendous job on their part.

She criticized developed countries for not doing their part regarding climate change.

“Unfortunately, the developed countries are not acting enough to combat the climate change issues,” she said.

Inviting more Swedish investment in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said that if they want, land can be allocated to them in the economic zones across the country.

The Swedish State Secretary appreciated Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, particularly poverty reduction and infrastructural development in the country.

“Deep seaport will be a game changer for the economy,” she was quoted as saying.

She said that Bangladesh is a good development partner of Sweden.

She put emphasis on increasing trade and investment relations between the two countries.

In this connection, she mentioned that currently, there are 50 Swedish companies working in Bangladesh.

Janse said that her country is interested in investing in the private sector for environmental purposes.

She praised Sheikh Hasina for her leadership in various climate change forums.

The Swedish state secretary also highly praised Sheikh Hasina for sheltering more than one million forcibly displaced Rohingyas.

Source: TBS News

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