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Sweden’s Military Support Package to Ukraine Includes Jas 39 Gripen Assessment


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The Swedish Government has allocated a SEK 2.2bn aid package, focusing on JAS 39 Gripen integration.

To bolster Ukraine’s defence against Russia’s ongoing aggression, the Swedish Government has approved a military support package valued at around Skr 2.2bn ($200m).

This fourteenth military support package includes provisions ranging from artillery shells to advanced combat systems. Notably, the proposal calls for an in-depth analysis of potential JAS 39 Gripen integration, underscoring the potential strategic importance of this aircraft in Ukraine’s defence arsenal.

This move, contingent on Sweden’s NATO membership, signifies a step towards enhancing Ukraine’s security landscape. By 6 November the report is poised to shape military recommendations.

Sweden’s Nato aspirations are currently uncertain as Turkey holds an effective veto.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022 prompted Sweden and neighbouring Finland to submit formal applications to join the NATO alliance, according to GlobalData’s intelligence on the Swedish defence market.

The package’s core lies in providing essential artillery munitions, including the 155mm artillery shells, designed to complement existing western artillery systems employed by the Ukrainian armed forces. Additionally, allocating spare parts and ammunition for the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) is set to fortify Ukraine’s armoured capabilities.

Not stopping at ammunition, Sweden’s support extends to infantry equipment, encompassing body shields, assault rifles, all-terrain vehicles, stretchers, night-vision scopes, and winter gear. The package includes audio, video, and data satellite communication equipment to address the need for long-range communication.

Beyond the tangible equipment, the Swedish Government also outlines plans to extend contributions to training operations. This includes an expansion of the Interflex training initiative, a joint effort led by the British forces aiming to train Ukrainian recruits. Furthermore, Sweden intends to continue its role in the Nordic explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) training operation, an element in building Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

Assessing JAS 39 Gripen integration for Ukraine
Notably, the support package unveiled an endeavour, tasking the Swedish Armed Forces with an analysis of potential JAS 39 Gripen integration into Ukraine’s defence framework. This move, contingent on Sweden’s NATO membership, signifies a step towards strengthening Ukraine’s aerial capabilities. Ukrainian pilots and ground staff have already completed orientation training under the guidance of the Swedish Armed Forces, laying the groundwork for integration.

Developed by Saab, the Gripen C/D is a multi-role light fighter aircraft capable of conducting various missions, including air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance.

The report, due by 6 November, will not only assess the implications of JAS 39 Gripen integration but also consider potential support within the international F-16s coalition involving Sweden. This evaluation encompasses its impact on defence capabilities, the economy, and overall defence activities and planning.

According to GlobalData’s “Sweden Defence Market 2023-2028” report, In 2023, the defence budget reached $8.7bn, equating to a yearly increase of 17.3%, clearly demonstrating Sweden’s fiscal response to the invasion of Ukraine.

This support package shows Sweden’s commitment to Ukraine’s security and defence. Since Russia’s invasion in February 2022, Sweden has donated equipment valued at over SEK 20bn, solidifying the nation’s position as a steadfast ally in Ukraine’s fight for sovereignty.

With this package, Sweden’s total contribution will reach Skr 22.2bn, reaffirming the enduring partnership between the two nations.

Source: Army Technology

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