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Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Carlsberg Sweden Invests In Carbon Dioxide Recycling Plant


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Carlsberg Sweden has invested in a new carbon dioxide recycling plant, which it says will help the brewer meet around 40% of its carbon dioxide requirements by the end of 2024.

The recycling plant will allow Carlsberg Sweden to collect, purify, and reuse the biogenic carbon dioxide, currently being released during fermentation, the brewer added.

The investment aligns with Carlsberg’s sustainability programme, Together Towards ZERO and Beyond.

The move will optimise the use of resources in the business and lead to around 120 fewer trips by trucks each year.

The recycling plant will be located at its brewery in Falkenberg, Carlsberg noted.

Mikhail Zaripov, utilities manager at Carlsberg Sweden said, “Aiming for circularly and making use of residual products is natural for us. By being able to recycle, process and purify the carbon dioxide from fermentation, we create new carbonic acid for our drinks.

“This means that we save our resources and the environment, while also reducing the purchase of carbon dioxide in the future. It is gratifying and a step forward for us.”

Recycling Plant

Carlsberg’s brewery in Falkenberg and the water factory in Ramlösa purchase 9,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. It is transported in heavy tanks via trucks.

The recovery plant has the capacity to produce 750 kilograms of carbon dioxide per hour and two tanks with a capacity of 30 tonnes each.

With approximately 3,600 tonnes of self-produced carbon dioxide per year, the company will be able to cut transportation and create conditions for more stable production.

Jonas Kudermann, VP integrated supply chain at Carlsberg Sweden said, “We depend on carbonation for most of our products in beer, soft drinks, and water. A carbon dioxide recovery facility ensures that we can continue production even in the event of power outages or carbon dioxide shortages in Sweden or Europe.”

Carlsberg Sweden was the first brewery within the Carlsberg Group to use only renewable energy sources in its beverage production.

Since 2017, it has only used certified green electricity and biogas (self-produced and purchased) for beverage production in Falkenberg and Ramlösa.

Source : ESM

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