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E.ON Sweden & Skyqraft Digitise The Grid to Reduce Emissions


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The path to European energy security and reliability requires a massive investment in all areas of the energy system, says Louise Gauffin, CEO of Skyqraft

Leading energy provider E.ON Sweden serves over one million customers across Sweden. The company is part of E.ON Group, one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure which supports over 48 million customers.

Skyqraft is the top provider of faster, more accurate, inspections for energy infrastructure. It provides faster, more accurate and sustainable inspections of energy infrastructure enabling power grid owners to navigate the challenges posed by increasing energy consumption and secure the reliability and longevity of their grids. Powered by AI, the company offers modern grid inspection solutions, revolutionising the way power grid owners assess, maintain and invest in their infrastructure. The company works to support grid owners in digitising, and strengthening their existing grids, enabling them to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

E.ON Sweden partnered with Skyqraft to digitise and reduce CO2 emissions across Sweden, as part of the commitment to making Sweden’s energy grid smarter, more reliable, and environmentally friendly through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

“The path to European energy security and reliability requires a massive investment in all areas of the energy system,” says Louise Gauffin, CEO of Skyqraft. She joined Skyqraft in 2021 as Chief Operating Officer before becoming CEO in 2022. Fluent in English, Swedish and Mandarin Chinese, Gauffin has experience in operations, business development and people management around the world. 

“We’re thrilled to be a partner to E.ON in providing grid reliability through more reliable data. By embracing solutions like Skyqraft to facilitate the move to drones, E.ON is their way to deliver the promise of reliable, sustainable and safe energy access to all their clients,” 

Digital solutions to enhance grid reliability in sweden

With energy consumption set to double by 2045, grid owners face significant challenges.

Before teaming up with Skyqraft, E.ON Sweden relied on helicopter-based manual inspections, where electrical engineers conducted visual assessments. In their pursuit of enhanced defect detection and operational efficiency, E.ON Sweden sought a solution that could streamline operations, enhance grid reliability, increase uptime, and enable the integration of drones, a pivotal element of their mission and strategy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Skyqraft’s platform combines sought-after sensor data including images, 3D point clouds, and thermal imaging, all in one place to detect 10x more defects in grids than traditional methods, serving as the layer between data collectors, grid operations, and field teams. Powered by AI, quality assured by  experts, grid owners can proactively manage their risk exposure, optimise grid up time and their maintenance budgets. 

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