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Germany Has to Be Prepared for Possible War in Europe, Defense Minister Says


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Boris Pistorius says Russia-Ukraine war has been historic turning point, which should bring ‘mentality change’ in politics, society

The German society and the armed forces should be prepared for a potential war in Europe, the country’s defense minister said late Sunday.

Boris Pistorius said the Russia-Ukraine war has been a historic turning point for Germany, which should bring a “mentality change” in politics and society.

“We have to get used to the idea that there could be a threat of war in Europe and that means we have to become ready for war,” he told public broadcaster ZDF.

“We have to be ready to defend ourselves and prepare the German armed forces and society for it,” he added.

The Social Democrat politician said Germany should increase its defense spending and modernize its armed forces to make it capable of addressing the new security challenges.

Source : AA

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