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Sweden Orsa Park Sends Thank You to Jimmy’s Farm by Ipswich


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The team at a park in Sweden have sent a thank you video to donors for the support shown in bringing their last bear to Suffolk.

Orsa Predator Park in Sweden has filmed a special video for people who have helped bring their last brown bear, Diego, to Jimmy’s Farm in Wherstead, near Ipswich.

Just a few weeks ago, a fundraiser was started to raise the money to build an enclosure for Diego so that he will able to live in Suffolk.

Ewa the polar bear has recently moved to Jimmy’s Farm from Orsa Predator Park.

And the fundraiser for Diego to make the same journey has raised £54,488, hitting the halfway mark just a few days into its launch.

In the video message to donors, the team said: “We want to send a thank you for all the generous donations you guys have made for Diego.

“He’s getting a bit tired, it’s a bit cold here but he’s gained weight and he’s ready to hibernate.”

Diego will be sent to Wildwood in Devon to hibernate with other brown bears for the winter, due to Jimmy’s Farm and Orsa Predator Park not having the facilities to house him.

The video continued: “We are really thankful to have found a place in the UK that he can hibernate in.

“We do still need donations to be able to send him to the UK.

“Thank you guys for all the support you are giving us at Orsa and also Diego.”

An update on the GoFundMe page states: “Your support has brought us incredibly close to reaching our target.

“We are just a few steps away from making a significant difference in Diego’s life.

“Your contribution means the world to us!”

The fundraiser is now just £15,000 away from reaching the £70,000 target set on October 11.

Source : Eadt

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