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Tesla Workers Refuse Walkout as Strike Fails in Sweden


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IF Metall, a Swedish trade union, announced that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) would face a strike initiated by its members this past Friday. The union highlighted Tesla’s refusal to sign a collective bargaining agreement as the reason behind the action, potentially disrupting or severely impeding Tesla’s operations in Sweden.

However, Friday passed without any noticeable participation from Tesla’s Sweden workforce. Industry observers noted that the planned walkout was virtually unattended.

As noted in local media reports, vehicles were being repaired, customers were dropping off and picking up their vehicles as usual, and no bookings had to be rescheduled.

In response to inquiries about their absence from IF Metall’s intended strike, Tesla employees allegedly pointed out that they saw no reason to participate as they believed their current working conditions and wages surpassed those of their previous employment.

In total, only a small number of union members across the nation chose to partake in the strike. Most of the union members employed at Tesla Sweden opted to continue their work duties.

Curiously, those employees who voiced their perspectives chose to remain anonymous due to concerns about potential repercussions, not from Tesla, but from the union.

Shares of TSLA are up 0.96% in early trading Monday morning.

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