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Who Voted for WHO?


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Toronto, Alaska (16/11 – 50)

Our lives are being maneuvered and we are being manipulated by unelected, insidious forces, toward objectives not necessarily in the people’s interest.

Now that the so-called “pandemic”, declared by the mysterious self-appointed World Health Organization, and followed obediently by governments everywhere, has been decreed “finished”, we should devote a moment to introspection, considering who is running the show and for whose benefit, as governments gaily abdicated their vested responsibility to govern.

Pandemic is over? I hope they told those killer viruses who destroyed the population of Europe and North America. What? Oh, just 1% mortality? And that 1% mostly old, sick, fat folks riddled with comorbidities? How interesting. Get a booster.

Cui bono? Who benefited from the mammoth lockdowns, forced injections, prescription of powerful, deadly medications and jamming of lethal respirators down the throats of elderly, often demented patients? Have people forgotten already how hospitals became like prisons, and families often had to get a court order in order to force them to release a family member, or halt medications they did not approve of: “Remdesivir” (which nurses used to refer to as “Run! Death is near!”) causes kidney failure, and was being prescribed to patients already diagnosed with … kidney failure. Then, in mid-2022 the WHO suddenly did a volte-face and recommended against it.

Who is the WHO, and how have previously sovereign states obligingly sacrificed their independent judgment to it? Advertising itself as “Working with 194 Member States across 6 regions and on the ground in 150+ locations, the WHO team works to improve everyone’s ability to enjoy good health and well-being.” Founded in 1948 as an arm of the fledgling United Nations, like any unimpeded bureaucratic monster, the World Health Organization has swollen to gargantuan proportions, and has a gargantuan appetite, which can only be sated with a gargantuan budget … Do you see where this is going?

Our hidden masters who pull the strings of the governments and corporations adhere to the time-honored principle of “Never let a crisis go to waste” and if the crisis is a tempest in a teapot, well then, use the obedient media to whip up fear and panic among the buffaloed masses, so a flu variant becomes a humanity-destroying monster. Yes, I’m talking about the recent wave of flu infections – oh sorry, “Covid-19”. Give it a scary Hollywood name.

Do you, dear readers, recall those dramatic early-on videos of Wuhan citizens keeling over dead from the mystery virus (which many pranksters loved to tease the Chinese by calling it “Wu-Flu”)? Strangely enough, that horror movie never played out in the rest of the world, or am I mistaken? Are there videos of pedestrians strolling along in Düsseldorf, or Chicongo, or Osaka, and then toppling over kaput? No? I wonder why.

If you are a conspiracy theorist, you might well wonder whether total social control over the masses was not the real goal, from the outset. “Scare them half to death with a mystery medical panic – then sell them the potentially lethal poison to finish the job” may have been the motto of “Big Pharma”, whose money-glazed tentacles stretched through every aspect of medicine, academia, Government… turn on your computer; check out the video montages called “Brought to you by Pfizer” on YouTube, to see how money doesn’t just talk – it never shuts up. Billions were lathered around, so that many more billions could be squeezed from the public purse.

Big Pharma makes big billions – government does what government does: extend control over each and every citizen, with a “digital ID”. For your own good and public health! See how it works?

Yes, this is no “conspiracy theory”, no. Yes, it is a conspiracy by the World Economic Forum, with its 15-minute cities, no more automobile or steak for your family, Buster – shut up, sit still in your locked-down flat and eat those bugs.

The Critical Difference: “Dying from Covid-19” in that corner, vs. “Dying with Covid-19” in this corner. The first combatant? Miniscule. Around 1%, which statistically signifies “margin of error”. The second refers to those poor souls already riddled with comorbidities, obese, polluted by their junk food and smokes. They were 75% toward Death’s Door anyway – why not give them that “extra push” with Mengele-injections and forced intubation?

Note how the medical establishment, swimming in money from Big Pharma at this point, strongly discouraged any discussion of natural immunity, in their rush, their amazing rush to inject an experimental gene therapy into toddlers, teenagers, anybody within range – most of whom were more than willing to be lab rats for Big Pharma. Experimental Animals’R’Us!

Those not afflicted with memory loss will recall the Presidents and Prime Ministers and Health Poobahs guaranteeing that with the magical jabs we would not fall ill with the dreaded Covid. That story changed because it had to. Then it became “Oh yes, you can still get Covid but it is milder than if you’d not been injected”. The story shifted at each point, as celebs and politicos got their arms pumped with gene therapy on television while grinning … Or was it? Not saline solution perhaps, for those “in the know”?

Hey, look over there – it is American Defense Secretary Colin Powell – you know, the dude holding up the bag of yellow powder which was Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb instant mix. Colin Powell had been vaxxed out the kazoo, with multiple boosters, and Colin Powell is what cynical docs refer to as “room temperature”: he ain’t movin’, folks, that feller’s daid.

Early on, strange, unexpected, painful results were being reported from injections of the “vaccine”, which earned its “quotation marks” from being the beneficiary of a refreshened definition of what a vaccine was and was not. Rabies, smallpox, tetanus, polio and so on: prepared from weakened or dead viral matter. That’s what defines “vaccine”.

mRNA: experimental gene therapy, never submitted to proper double-blind trials to ascertain long-term effects. Thus, mysterious cases of athletes collapsing during play (and not infrequently dying on the spot), morticians reporting mysterious fibrous wads found in the blood vessels of autopsies, cases of myocardia and pericardia, conditions inflicting permanent and irreversible damage on the heart muscle, appearing in 15-year-olds, 8-year-olds, and being called “mild…”, “rare” or “…inconsequential”.

Astoundingly-low rates of Covid-19 infection reported from Africa (mostly by Japanese researchers, who were much less compromised or bought off by the global authorities). Was that linked to their steady use of Nobel Prize-winning Ivermectin? No, nothing to see here, move along now, forget about the horse dewormer. Such a propaganda campaign for the miracle jabs and against a cheap prophylactic.

Oh wait, a new variant has been reported, so you need a booster, Buster.

That never seemed to happen with traditional killers. There is not relentless “booster campaign” for tetanus or polio. (Rabies, yes, get your kitty her shots every six months.)

Who were these mysterious authorities to whom governments around the world were sacrificing their decision-making to? Let’s take a close look at WHO, and the sinister money-lubed forces behind it.

Money plays a role, from the git-go. Oh, you have heard those lyrics before?

Consider the “regulatory capture” factor, something the inconvenient Covid-heretic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about. In the much-trumpeted democratic republics, where vox populi is supposed to be championed and held up as a model, mass mandates, lockdowns, a fear campaign, media control, non-conforming physicians threatened with the loss of their careers – all played a part, singing a melody trumpeted by mass media, all crooning “Get the jab, safe and effective”.

Was that true? has a part, and last but not least, allowing unelected bodies that shouldn’t even exist at the federal levels, make decisions that negate our inalienable rights, also having “democracy” decide issues of science.

“Rest homes” for the elderly became extermination camps, with stratospherically-soaring death rates – and not from the effects of the coronavirus. Every death that could be attributed to this “flavor-of-the-month” disease yielded $13,500 to hospitals, often teetering on bankruptcy before the great money-spinner appeared on the scene (too many indigent patients – obese lazy smokers living on grease, sugar and preservatives – not able to pay their bills).

Apart from the millions suffering permanent damage or even-more-permanent death from the fancy, untested “vaccines”, there is the big issue of “truth decay”. Loss of trust in the medical establishment is no joke. When the customers start to balk at what the purported “experts” are prescribing for them, and going to court to fight the institutions, you know something is wrong.

1918 “Spanish Flu” death rate = 35%. 2019 “Wu-Flu” death rate = ~1%, and that includes many deeply-unhealthy citizens already at death’s door.

Vaccine injuries: oh let’s not talk about that. There isn’t time. All line up for your 43rd booster now, before yet another profitable variant is screamed out over the TV, and that 43rd turns out to be ineffective.

Actual scene in government hospital, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia: uncle is ailing, has been quite weak and sick for several years. Now he picks up the dreaded <tee hee> “Covid-19” virus, and how does that happen? With a PCP test the inventor of which claimed repeatedly cannot correctly diagnose this type of viral infection. Check out inventor Kary Mullis.

Uncle turns up his toes, buys the farm, checks out, leaves the building, is “lights out”, abandons this mortal realm.

Immediately after the family is told of his death, a smiling hospital employee in a white smock shows up and says “Hey, if you’ll sign right here on the dotted line – we’re going to give you sixty million Rupiah! [equivalent to US$ 4000 at the time of writing this essay]

The grieving family is bewildered at this. Money? For our dead uncle? No thanks, Hank. They edge away, suspicious, knowing full well that nobody gives away free money these days without expecting something in return.

In return? Oh yes: the hospital would have been paid Rp 180 million for that “certified death from Covid-19”, taking away a handsome Rp 120 million ( = US$ 8000) as a reward. What’s going on here? Families of patients dying from typhus, diabetes, heart failure, cancer – they’re not offered bribes to sign. Unless the above-mentioned illnesses can miraculously be re-diagnosed as the coronavirus.

Doesn’t something stink? Have we forgotten the Nürnberg Trials of 1947, where Nazi doctors were experimenting on hapless prisoners with all sorts of dangerous, even lethal, substances? The ultimate casualty is the trust of the public. Millions upon millions of citizens are backing away, avoiding hospitals, consulting with Dr. Google on the sly when their family physician smiles, frowns and dispenses medical wisdom.

Trust is lost. As any experienced businessman can assure you, that’s a big one, as trust is exceedingly difficult to ever repair again.

Follow the money. Be alert to the creeping control.

Who voted for WHO? Nobody did, that’s who. You’re being handled and WHOdwinked – and you’re paying for it.

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