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Glock Ecotech Launches Sustainable Energy Project in Sweden


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The Austrian company Glock ecotech has taken a significant step towards sustainable energy supply in Sweden. With the successful commissioning of its first electricity-to-heat power plant near Nyköping, the company now also offers an environmentally friendly energy option in the Scandinavian region.

The power plant, which uses biomass in the form of wood chips, is installed on a farm south of Stockholm and benefits from Sweden’s abundant forest resources. Kathrin Glock, Managing Director of GLOCK ecotech, emphasizes that the company’s technology not only makes ecological sense, but also offers economic benefits. It guarantees a stable and weather-independent energy supply, which makes it particularly attractive for a wide range of applications.

With a capacity of around 8,000 operating hours per year, Glock ecotech’s electricity/heat power plants can provide a reliable source of energy and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. Modern control technology ensures smooth operation.

The Swedish sales partner AKEMA AB supports customer proximity and provides the necessary support. Tommy Andersson from AKEMA AB emphasizes the importance of the plant for the use of Swedish biomass and the possibility of stabilizing energy costs and reducing dependence on fossil fuels through regional biomass sources.

Akema AB is a Swedish company that operates in various sectors, including wholesale trade of machinery and technical consultancy. Established in 2013 and based in Kristdala, they provide a range of services, particularly in the wholesale of mining, construction, and civil engineering machinery. Their expertise also extends to architectural and engineering activities, including consultation in construction and civil engineering, industrial and electric engineering, and energy and environmental engineering. This diversification positions Akema AB as a key player in the sustainable energy sector, providing valuable support and local expertise for partners like Glock ecotech.

The selected area in Sweden is rich in forest resources, which provide an excellent basis for biomass utilization. This geographical location is crucial, as Glock ecotech specializes in the utilization of regionally available resources such as wood chips. The commissioning of the plant is a strategic move by the company to strengthen its presence in Scandinavia and to capitalize on Sweden’s position as one of Europe’s leading forest nations.

Glock ecotech and the Glock Group – a synergy effect

Founded in 2010, GLOCK ecotech specializes in the production of electricity-heat power plants based on the use of biomass. With over 65 plants worldwide, the company is already making a significant contribution to climate protection. The energy solutions from Glock ecotech are used in decentralized energy supply and serve industry, commerce, tourism, agriculture and energy communities.

Due to its name, Glock ecotech may be associated with the well-known Glock Ges.m.b.H., which is primarily known for its firearms worldwide. Although both companies have the same name affix “Glock”, they operate in completely different sectors and markets. Glock ecotech focuses on the development and implementation of technologies in the field of renewable energies, while Glock Ges.m.b.H. is primarily active in the field of security and firearms manufacturing.

This distinction is essential to understand the specific goals and ambitions of each company. At Glock ecotech, the focus is on creating environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions that contribute to the global energy transition while strengthening local economies. The connection between the two companies lies mainly in their common Austrian origin and ownership.

Source : Vindobona

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