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Zelensky Discusses with Sweden’s Defense Chief Training of Ukrainian Pilots


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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, discussed with the Minister of Defense of Sweden, Pål Jonson, the start of a separate training program for Ukrainian war pilots on modern Western-made aircraft.

“During a meeting with Minister of Defence of Sweden Pål Jonson, we discussed the possibility of Sweden’s participation in the aviation coalition and the launch of a separate training program for Ukrainian pilots on modern Western-type aircraft,” Zelensky wrote.

He thanked Sweden for the decision to join the international tank coalition in support of Ukraine and to donate 10 Leopard-2 tanks, as well as for its leadership in the formation of the CV-90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle coalition.

“I am very grateful to the entire Swedish society for the great support of our country throughout this full-scale war. For the support both on the battlefield and for the very important financial and humanitarian assistance,” president emphasized.

As reported, Sweden will continue to coordinate the efforts of EU nations to provide military aid to Ukraine, which remains one of the key priorities of the Swedish Presidency of the EU, and will also contribute to taking into account the lessons learned from the Russian aggression against Ukraine in order to strengthen the European security and defense system.

Source: UkrInform

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